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About Us


The Amerex Singapore office was established in late 1990 as part of the Amerex Group – one of the oldest and largest international energy brokerages originally founded in 1978 in New Jersey USA.

Amerex Singapore has been providing professional broking services to the global energy trading industry ever since. It remains independently owned by its management team and the original shareholders of the Amerex Group – despite the acquisition of the North American and European businesses by other entities.


Amerex Petroleum #2 Singapore Pte Ltd is registered with both the National Futures Association (NFA) in USA and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and acts solely as an Introducing Broker, matching professional, corporate buyers and sellers. It does not provide services to private retail customers.


Amerex Singapore offers liquidity and round-the-clock OTC energy broking services from the Asian open through the London and New York days to the US West Coast close of business – all from our office in Singapore. Our core brokerage team have been working together at Amerex for over 10years. They have gained a deep understanding of our local and international customers’ needs and have developed unique internal systems of trade execution and support that fully satisfy customer requirements for speed and efficiency.

The professional expertise of our broking services is matched and supported by our back office operations team – who also have over 10 years of working together in Amerex.